See beyond students’
grades and work history

with a tool designed to
tell you the whole story

Let’s face it.
Grades aren’t everything.

Youth can’t really squeeze-in who they are in a traditional resume.
Their real essence lives is in that small section at the bottom of the page: the extracurriculars.

Traditional Resume vs Aimee Bio

Information makes
for better decisions!

Your Aimee page. Youth Bios. The perfect match.


School principal, teacher or career counselor? Gain
deeper insights into who your students are, beyond
their grades and school work.


Get more information on fresh graduates and make a more informed decision when hiring.

What can an Aimee Page do for you?

Get discovered by
young aimee users

Aimee amplifies your voice for student advocacy, group encouragement, acknowledgement of achievements, and event promotion.

Streamline group

Aimee offers multiple ways to communicate with students or teams, such as page posts and group chat.

Create and
manage events

Aimee is your online TA! Whether you’re organizing a field trip, sending reminders, sharing files or giving feedback notes, Aimee makes it easier.

Crowdfund for your

Try Aimee’s easy to use platform to raise funds for special events, trip or projects.

Give Aimee a try

Creating your Aimee page is absolutely free. Your free page allows you to get followers, manage members, post information, and validate your members.

Upgrading to an easy and affordable monthly subscription plan, offers more member management functions and access to relevant student interest data for better decision-making.


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