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Aimee is the place to be if you’re looking for your first job, transiting from school to university or still in
high school, figuring out what to do next.
First step? Sign up and start filling-in your Bio sections.

Professional Bio
to add to your CV or share with anyone

Add photos and videos to your entries

Resume Builder
Export your Bio into an editable resume

Professional Network
Meet peers and get discovered by organizations

Need a resume? Click… Ta-Da!

Putting together a resume is a time-consuming and critical task.
Whenever you need it, you can export your Bio into an editable resume, with a
simple click. Export, edit and send out!

Do it like a pro.
Share your very own personal URL

The different thing about Aimee is that it lets you share your Bio with anyone, even if
they’re not Aimee users. When you create your Bio, you get a personal URL!

You can add your Bio URL to your resume! It will give recruiters
somewhere to go if they need more information about you.

Differentiate yourself with
more credible information

Aimee lets organizations like you school, university or any organization you’ve worked or
volunteered with, join you on the app through their own pages.
These organizations can verify your entries and give you a ‘Validated’ seal next to your entries.

Manage your club with Aimee pages

Aimee lets you, in addition to your personal Bio, create pages, include members and get followers.
Pages are great to post information about your club or band, create events and keep track of all

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