If Aimee were a person...

To students, she would be the young, friendly, laid-back lady in charge of student affairs – the one whose office they visit on their own time to chat, the one they confide in, and the one who drives them to maximize their potential.

To parents, she would be their kids’ home away from home – someone who spends their days with them, gets to know them closely, understands and guides them.

To teachers, she’s the colleague who’s likable and seasoned in the workings of the world, whose opinions and advice are knowledgeable and wise.

About us

Aimee is a college and career readiness digital space for youth to create online bios, showcasing their passions, activities and achievements. Every addition to their bio can be validated through third-party verification, and each Aimee Bio can be exported into resume that they can share with college and career recruiters, via the web or mobile App. Aimee was previously incubated through the UK Tech Hub accelerator program prior to its global launch in 2018. Aimee is headquartered in Dallas, TX with sales and development resources in Europe and the Middle East. To learn more, visit www.aimee.bio.

Our Mission

Aimee Bio believes youth have so much untapped potential. All they need is a catalyst and opportunity. Their bios offer them the space to store and showcase all of their achievements, trials and errors, interests and goals, giving them a structured space that can help them reach places where they most shine. Aimee’s Founder and CEO says it best in this video.

About the Founder

Tony is Founder and CEO of Aimee – the app that empowers teens and young adults to showcase their achievements and activities in preparation for college or work.

Formerly, Dr. Feghali had a long career at the American University of Beirut as a faculty member and co-director of the Darwazah Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. During his tenure at AUB, he founded Bicharaf the initiative for academic integrity and The SmartBus Mobile Learning Center bringing information technology to Lebanese rural communities.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Feghali launched and served on the board of NGOs and startups. He is passionate about education, technology, and entrepreneurship. In his current capacity as CEO of Aimee, he has surrounded himself with a stellar team to make a difference in the lives of one million students on a very global scale.

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